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Enjoy bath time
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See our Universal Acclaim Bath bombs

Enjoy bath time
like never before

See our Universal Acclaim Bath bombs

Bath Bomb Collections

A Unique Experience!

We're seeing stars from the Universal Acclaim we've received!

Have you ever marveled at the Universe from your bathroom? Our Universal Acclaim bathbombs transport you straight to a smorgasbord of rich colors and beautiful scents! Sep 18' Launch

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Revitalize Your Skin!

UOU. Short for 'You Owe You'!

When was the last time you gave yourself the pampering you deserve? Sometimes the best thing we can do for our loved ones is to withdraw for some ME Time! Sep 18' Launch

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Fruity and Fresh!

The best food for our skin? Fruits of course!

Our skin needs all the nourishment it can get and our FruitBowl Collection is exactly the thing to feed all your skin's desires. Coming soon this Christmas.

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These are heavenly! The aromatherapy and essential oils are perfect!


Love! Love! Love! Looking forward to bathing all the time now.


Mesmerizing colors and amazing scents. I always remember to take this along on all my travels.


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